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Familienaufstellung - Offener Aufstellungsabend

Offener Aufstellungsabend

Wöchentliche Möglichkeit für
eine Familienaufstellung

Für Eilige, Anfänger und Interessierte

An einem offenen Aufstellungsabend erfolgt eine kurze Einführung in die Methodik der System- und Familienaufstellungen und es werden zwei System- bzw. Familienaufstellungen durchgeführt.

  • What is a constellation work?
    A constellation is a method in which individuals are positioned (constellated) in space on behalf of family members, employees and other elements (see organizational and system constellations) and placed in relation to one another. This makes the network of relationships in a family/organization visible. In addition to being in a group, constellations can also be made individually with the help of figures and symbols.
  • When is a family constellation helpful?
    Constellations can help: With Personal concerns (obstructive behavior, exaggerated emotions, blockages, Unsuccessfulness, fears, inner restlessness, depression, ...) With partnership, love and sex (relationship conflicts, relationship problems, separations , quarrels, finding new love, sexual balance, difficulties in distinguishing oneself from a partner) In family conflicts and tensions (parent-child relationship, ADHD, behavioral problems, sibling conflicts, inheritance disputes, ...) For professional issues (fear of managers, professional reorientation, decisions , conflicts in the work environment, burning out, burnout, ...) For health issues ( allergies, sleep disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, ...) Here are a few more signs when the instrument of system and family constellations can be particularly helpful: The topic is personally very stressful The topic cannot be solved logically The behavior of others (sometimes your own) is incomprehensible One's own feelings are unclear or are experienced as 'not one's own' Behavioural patterns are repeated (e.g. repeated similar choice of partner)
  • How does a family constellation work?
    In family constellations (usually previously unknown) participants represent family members. The representatives experience physical sensations and feelings and can name how their relationship feels with other representatives in the constellation and know very accurately whether changes in the constellation feel better or worse for them. No one can really explain why this happens. Many people have ideas as to why this is the case and what it means. I observe in family constellations: Every person has the ability to be a representative and to feel things. So far I have not seen a representative who could not do this. So it doesn't require any 'special skills'. Clients always find the feedback that comes from the representatives to be very accurate. It is helpful for clients to see these relationship dynamics in an 'image'clearly in front of them. You can see and feel dependencies in the family constellations - even if you not yet understand the 'why'. I therefore recommend, coming to one of my open constellation evenings and experiencing this in person.
  • How does a constellation work?
    A constellation takes place in 6 phases. Preliminary talk: First, a preliminary talk takes place in which the client communicates his/her situation and the desired goal. It is helpful - but not absolutely necessary - to think about your concerns beforehand (see "How do I prepare for a constellation?") Selection of representatives: Depending on the issue, the coach will make an initial selection of the people/elements that have to do with the specific issue. However, additional representatives may be added later. Father, mother, children, siblings, etc. are usually set up in family constellations. In organizational constellations, the company, colleagues, superiors can be set up, in the case of symptoms of illness also parts of the body or in the case of decisions also objects such as property etc. The client selects a representative for each person from the group, who then represents the respective person . Setting the initial picture: The client leads each representative to a suitable place in the room for him/her. This creates an initial image. Diagnostic phase: The coach asks the representatives about their physical sensations, connections and feelings. Gradually, a picture of the social system emerges. The system usually gives clues as to the origin of the problem identified by the client. Solution phase: If one or more problems are identified, the coach gives suggestions for solutions and checks to what extent they fit and can be allowed by the system. Conclusion: At the end, the client absorbs what he/she has experienced and the representatives are released from their roles. There will be a short concluding discussion. Intellectual analysis or interpretation are not recommended at this point.
  • How can I prepare for a constellation?
    In principle, no preparation is required, as we work out the topic together in the preliminary talk. However, if you want, you can find a few suggestions below. It supports the process if you answer the following questions in advance: What is my topic (e.g. wording in the form of a headline)? How does this issue show up in me (physically, emotionally, interpersonally)? What do I wish for? What would be a good result for me? Answers to the following questions will help with professional concerns: Who are the people involved here? How long have they been with the organization (a rough estimate will suffice)? What is the position of these people within the organization? Have I encountered this topic before in other contexts (former employer, family)? The following information is helpful for private matters: The present family: partner and important former partners, common children and children from previous relationships The family of origin: siblings, half-siblings, parents, grandparents, and sometimes siblings of parents and grandparents Early death of family members: siblings (including stillbirths), early death of father or mother, death in childbirth Has anyone been excluded from the family? Has someone who made a contribution to the family not been recognized? Are there family secrets? If it is a family issue, it is worth writing down a genogram of your own family and, if applicable, your partner. You can download an example and a template here.
  • How long does a family constellation take?
    A complete session lasts up to about an hour in a group and about 90 minutes in an individual setting, since the configurator takes turns taking the place of the deputy and this takes a little more time.
  • What should I do/note afterwards?
    It's good to let the impressions and information sink in after a family constellation. For us, family constellations are like images that have a direct effect on the soul. If you compare a family constellation with a freshly painted oil painting, it is good to leave it alone for a while after completion so that it can dry well. If you show it too early, others can accidentally paint around the picture and possibly use their opinion to superimpose their own picture on top of what they experienced in the family constellation. I recommend a 'tracking down' approach. as 'reflection'. The subconscious absorbs the impulses from the family constellation and continues to work with the information. Therefore, it often happens that in the days and weeks after a family constellation we suddenly become aware of important connections like an inspiration and blockages can be released. In very rare cases it can happen that someone doesn't feel well/well after a family constellation. In these cases, I would be happy to provide you with a follow-up call (included in the fee).
  • What do I have to do as a representative?
    People who take part in a family constellation for the first time often fear that they will not feel anything as a representative. These thoughts are unfounded. Nor is it a (theater) role played by a representative. It's enough to be guided to the seat, stop and "look stupid" - as Holm von Egidy puts it. The feelings and sensations come automatically. If someone doesn't feel anything at all, this would also be an important feedback from the role. You really can't go wrong as a representative! These fears and thoughts vanished as soon as you stood in your first representative role. In order to experience this and get to know it without obligation, I recommend attending an open constellation evening.
  • Does a family constellation always show the truth?
    What is shown in family constellations is not necessarily the 'truth', i.e. dates and facts. It reliably depicts 'reality' - in the literal sense of 'effect' that certain things/people have on us. This is also more important for our well-being. Because in relationships between people, the effect someone has on you is more important than trying to understand what the "truth" of a relationship is, which probably doesn't exist anyway.
  • Is the solution to the problem always found in a family constellation?
    In the constellation work, we respectfully look at what is shown in the constellation and take the steps that the client and the representative perceive as authentic and truthful. We have always experienced that constellations reveal essential and surprising, insightful and new information. Each constellation brings the client one step closer to the solution. Some topics are already 'ripe' or are waiting to be looked at differently. A good solution often appears immediately. Other topics are multi-layered, have several causes and one recognizes the next aspect that needs to be solved one after the other. Clients have often told us that a solution suddenly emerged afterwards that was not yet reflected in the constellation. Here the subconscious has taken in the image of the constellation and continued to work on it. It is therefore good to protect it and keep something for yourself after the constellation (see: What should I consider after a constellation?).

Für wen ist ein offener Aufstellungsabend


Nach einer kurzen Einführung in die Methodik der Familienaufstellungen erhalten zwei Teilnehmer die Möglichkeit für eine eigene Aufstellung. 

Verteilung der Aufstellungen nach Punktesystem

Die Zuteilung der Aufstellungen an dem Abend folgt einem Punktesystem. Für jede Teilnahme an einem Aufstellungsabend erhält man einen Punkt. Wer die meisten Punkte hat, hat die Möglichkeit aufzustellen. Nach einer Aufstellung wird der eigene Punktestand wieder auf 0 gesetzt. 


Dr. Stefanie Hettich

Ort und Zeit

Die Aufstellungsabende finden regelmäßig jeweils von 18.00 - 21.00 Uhr statt.
Termine und Orte siehe unten. 


20  EUR ohne eigene Aufstellung

180 EUR mit eigener Aufstellung

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