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Quotes and poems

As inspiration and something to think about

Familienaufstellung - Nachdenkliches

"The most important hour is always the present,
the most important person is always
who stands in front of you
and the most necessary work is always love."
(Master Eckehart)

One should let things

have their own, silent

undisturbed development,

that comes deeply from within

and cannot be forced

or accelerated by anything.

All is full-born

and then bear...


Maturing as the tree,

that does not push its saps

and stands staunchly in the storms of spring,

without fear

that after it perhaps

a summer would not come.

Yet it comes!


However, it comes only to the patient ones,

who are there, as if eternity

lies before them,

so careless, quiet and wide...


One should be patient

with the unresolved in the heart,

and attempt to love the questions themselves,

like closed rooms,

and like books, that in a very special language

have been written.


What matters is to live everything.

When one lives the questions,

one will maybe live gradually

without noticing,

on a special day,

into the answer.

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

Systemaufstellung - Gedicht

What moves me

Familienaufstellungen - Zitat

The yes, the openness and the love
these are the keys that open the prison door.

(Arnaud Desjardins)



How many thousands of ancestors

have been, you are.

From many thousand days

the today grew to you.


Each of your ancestors

carried life to you.

Not a single one may be missing,

otherwise you would not be here.


Even what you have long forgotten,

still lives on in you.

The happiness and sorrow of yesterday

weaves in the new day.


So pride mixes with humility.

You live only because nothing is missing.

But to your life

only you are chosen.

Felix von Schroeder (1912-2003)

Familienaufstellung - Generationen
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