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Family constellation vouchers

A gift that touches hearts and changes lives

Give your loved ones something very special - the opportunity for personal development and inner healing. With a gift voucher for a family constellation, you open the door to a profound experience that can change the lives of your loved ones forever.

A family constellation is a unique method to uncover and resolve hidden dynamics and blockages within the family. Often it is precisely these invisible threads that prevent us from developing our full potential and leading a fulfilling life. Through the installation, these patterns are made visible and can be lovingly transformed.

With this gift voucher you show that you believe in the personal development of your loved ones and that you want to support them on their journey. 

Voucher alternatives


Group constellation or individual session (180 EUR)


Participation as spectator or representative (20 EUR)


Free amount

Order process


Simply write to me which voucher you would like and the money amount. You can either have the voucher issued for a specific person (please state their name) or leave it blank. 


You will receive the beautifully designed voucher (see example) together with the invoice by email on the same day and you can easily transfer the amount within the next 10 days.


Have fun giving the gift!

Advantages of the voucher

  • Long term - valid for 5 years

  • Freely transferable

  • Voucher that can be redeemed for any service I offer  

Further conditions 

  • In the event of a higher-priced service or an interim price increase, the difference must be paid. 

  • No cash payment

Order form

Thank you for your order. I will send you the voucher shortly.
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