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Familienaufstellung - Aufstellung im Einzelsetting

Parenting advice - family constellation for children

Freeing children from family issues

from the family of origin

A family constellation helps to understand and solve children's problems

Are you worried about your child? It has developed symptoms early on and you neither understand where it could come from nor is there a solution in sight? Then it may be that your child is entangled in issues from your family system, traumas or uncovered family secrets. The youngest members in our family systems are particularly open to carrying such issues due to their high level of sensitivity. 

An excerpt of symptoms is:

  • ADHD

  • Bedwetting

  • Learning difficulties

  • Anxieties

  • Panic attacks

  • Strong shyness

  • Depressions

  • Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, ...)

A family constellation does not replace medical treatment. It is important to have the symptoms checked medically. 


All parenting problems can be illuminated through family constellations. In particular, the issues and symptoms that cannot be explained by the child's direct experiences. There are often family themes behind this, which the youngest children feel at an early age and are still very open to. 

Children often begin to pick up on issues from their parents' family systems at an early age. If the parents are willing to resolve these issues themselves, a lot of the burden can be lifted from the children's shoulders. 


Children up to 12 years old: Parents can conduct the constellation for the child - even if the child is not present. It is best to have both parents come to the family constellation, as it is not clear which family system the child has taken over something from. 

Children over 12 years old: Parents can still conduct the constellation for the child. It is sometime helpful, if the children is present and can follow the process and, if necessary, give his/her feedback. 

Children over 16 years old: The family constellation is conducted by the child. Parents are welcome to attend with the child's consent. 

After a preliminary discussion about the symptoms and the desired result, we look together detecting triggers for the behavior and for situations in which the behavior does not manifest itself. 

The first dynamics then become apparent through a family constellation with figures. By working with ground anchors, these dynamics become more tangible and we look for solutions together. 

You can find more explanations and background information on the methodology of family constellations here


Ungererstr. 112, 80805 Munich


German, English

Other Languages (possible with translator)


1:45 hours

Individual session with system or family constellation 

0:50 hours

Individual session (systemic coaching)

Appointments by arrangement


Family constellation (1:45 min)

180 EUR

Systemic coaching (0:55 min)

120 EUR

Additional time

45 EUR per half hour

If you accompany me for a longer period of time, we can agree on a compact price.  

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Call me (0170 831 46 19) or write to me.

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