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Understanding and resolving relationship dynamics

Understand and solve relationship conflicts, blockades and obstacles in teams

The relationship level can be made visible through organizational constellations and solutions can be checked for their feasibility.

Advantages of organizational constellations

  • The invisible becomes visible- Relationship dynamics become visible at a glance in organisational constellations like no other instrument.

  • With 'Aha' effect - Incomprehensible behaviour (e.g. individual employees) becomes comprehensible if you understand the entire context. The symptom is often not the cause. Effective solutions can only be found with a conclusive overall understanding.

  • Fast and efficient - Dynamics can usually be understood in a constellation.

  • Simulations possible - A constellation can be used to test how the system is likely to react to a solution idea.

  • Rudder stays in your hand - The system constellation makes it possible to receive a transparency in the relationship dynamics. In any case, the decision about the next steps remains with the manager. Sometimes I (as a coach) don't appear at all if the organisational constellation only takes place in the presence of the manager. The authority of the manager is maintained and usually even strengthened.

  • New dimension of leadership - Through the constellation work, executives learn to recognise blockages in relationships more quickly and to interrupt dynamics earlier. If the 'natural order in teams' is understood, many future conflicts can be avoided right from the start.

for corporate clients


Organizational constellations

Understanding and solving difficult constellations


Professional coaching

Fast results through constellations in individual setting

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Executive Training

Learning to understand relationship dynamics in groups


Project support


Ensureing good cooperation and high efficiency in the team in all project phases

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